Monday, September 1, 2008

Michelle's Inaugural Post

Welcome, all! Welcome, particularly, writers of every dye, to this space where, I hope, you will find thoughts about "the writing life" that do not involve the difficulties of publishing or making a living.

I'm a writer of sorts, starting out and seized by stories and trying to figure out how it fits into my life. It's a pretty thankless task, because we live in a society that doesn't think things are worth doing unless they are a certain path to at least a moderate amount of money and a health care plan. (I am not for a moment knocking health care plans.) I'm pretty convinced that there are many more writers out there than dare to announce themselves as such, and who can blame them?

There are lots of great resources on the interwebs that help you with what to do once you have a story or a poem or a play. Even before you're ready to publish, however, and in fact because of the terror that that the publishing world can inspire, it takes courage to create.

I solemnly promise that on this page you will not find any lists of How To Ingratiate Yourself To Editors, nor will you discover any catalogs of How Long It Took Me To Get Published. I don't mean to devalue such things; they are necessary and helpful. God bless The Writer's Market, but am I the only one who gets a migraine just by seeing the thing across the room?

We all need rejuvenation, encouragement, the little nudge to get us "making things" again, and so I solemnly promise that you will find here a good book recommendation, a fun quote, a beautiful photo, or an absurd critical essay on Postmodernism in Doctor Who.

This is the blog I need, and I can't find it. I doubt that I am the only one.

Whoever you are, please enjoy, and feel free to comment. I love feeling that I'm not writing into a void - though of course, rules of civility apply. Disagree by all means, but please be urbane about it. :)

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