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Jillian and Michelle on a whale watch off the coast of Gloucester, MA on October 6, 2012.  They met in the autumn of 2006, studying abroad in Oxford, England.  Since then, they have enjoyed a shared passion for writing and the arts, Doctor Who & all things medieval.

Jillian is a Midwestern novelist, occasional poet and Anglophile.  She enjoys writing character-oriented science fiction, fantasy and magic realism.  She has just begun the agent search for her first novel.  

Michelle is an East-coast writer of fantasy and fiction, lover of fairy tales and long thoughtful walks.  She is working towards her PhD in Medieval Literature. 

We encourage discussion!  To contact us, please leave a comment or two! 

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to a blog by three people who write, for anyone else who wants to write. It's a cruel world for creators, and here we promise support, whimsy, and curiosity that will hopefully keep your pen moving and keyboard tapping!

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